Saturday, March 3, 2012


Reika walked leisurely through campus, she had finished organizing her belongings and settled into her room in the Air House. She decided to take in all the sights Magical Girl Academy had to offer her. It would be useful if she knew where everything was, so she took her time to commit to her memory the location of important sites. Although time consuming,

Before finishing her rounds, Reika spotted a fellow student who looked perplexed. “Hello there. Are you looking for something?”

 Kilala turned to see a beautiful blue haired girl. “Wow!” she exclaimed. “You’re pretty!”

Another thing that made Kilala not very princess-like: her tendency to blurt out the first thing on her mind.

Embarrassed, she blushed. “Hi. I’m Kilala Reno… and yes, I’m looking for the Fire Dorm. Do you know where it is?”

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Friday, March 2, 2012



((if anyone wants to meet/rp with Reika, or recruit her into a team, just let me know and I’ll start up a post.))

 ((Kilala can!))

Kilala walked onto the campus of Magical Girl Academy followed by her husband, Rei, and several servants who were helping her with her bags. When the group reached the main gate of the school, she turned, kissed her husband good by, and took the bags. “Thank you all for your help!” she said. She smiled at them, then turned and walked into the main gate.

Though some would say the princess had duties in Paradiso, and others would say that since the war that ravaged her country was now over using magic was useless, Her Royal Highness Princess Kilala Reno of Paradiso had decided to attend the school and learn how else she could use her powers for good. The Tiara of the Seventh Princess could open doors into other universes. Surely that would help the world somehow?

Kilala did not look like a princess. Since MGA was not uniform, unlike her old school, she looked very casual in a Mickey Mouse tee shirt and faded jeans. Her blonde hair, which had been tied in a ponytail when she was younger, now hung long, framing her large blue eyes. She did not walk like a princess either, to the dismay of her ladies-in-waiting. Kilala could be very clumsy.

She looked up at the many buildings that consisted of the school. “Wow,” she told Tippe, her pet mouse. Though Tippe was an ordinary mouse in her world, the cheese-lover could speak when she went into alternate worlds with her owner. And she always understood Kilala, even in the princess’s reality.

"It’s really big," Kilala continued. "How will I ever find Fire Dorm?"

The girl began to wander around, searching for another student.